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UltiDure polyamide carpet mat with nitrile backing by Ultimats


High-performance carpet matting


High-performance carpet matting

UltiDure Carpet Matting

UltiDure polyamide carpet mat with nbr backing and reinforced borders color options by Ultimats
UltiDure polyamide carpet mat with nbr backing and reinforced borders rolled up Ultimats
  • Durable polyamide fibers
  • Luxurious dual-tone surface look
  • Removes and hides dirt & moisture
  • Reinforced non-tearable borders
  • Anti-skid backing
  • 100% machine-washable
  • made in india

Technical Specifications

UltiDure PA mat grey with nitrile rubber back and borders man walking over the mat by Ultimats


We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you decide which matting configuration is the right choice for your premises. No matter what your needs may be, Ultimats has the right product for you.

How is UltiDure a premium carpet matting product?

  • The carpet is tufted from PA 6.6, renowned for its durability, making it the ideal yarn for floor matting
  • The yarn is tightly twisted and heat-set - a process that effectively hides footprints on the carpet surface
  • The backing is composed of nitrile rubber, known for its exceptional flexibility and grip, which empowers the mat with a 100% anti-skid feature.
  • Mat borders are reinforced with extra nitrile rubber ensuring they are non-tearable

How is UltiDure effective against dirt and moisture?

The spacing between individual carpet tufts and the tight twist in the yarn have been functionally designed to form an optimal environment for trapping and concealing dirt and moisture, while facilitating effortless removal during cleaning. This guarantees that the surface of the mat stays pristine and fresh all day long.

Is UltiDure really so tough that it can be thrown in a washing-machine for cleaning?

Yes. UltiDure is 100% machine-washable and can withstand over 150 commercial laundry wash-cycles.

What is the purpose of having two styles of backing - plain and nibbed?

The backing style depends on the type of floor where UltiDure is placed. Use UltiDure Plain Backing for flat surfaces like stone, wood etc. and UltiDure Nibbed Backing over carpetted floors. Using the right backing product for a floor surface ensures full-enjoyment of its 100% anti-skid properties

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