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UltiGrate Aluminium Matting

UltiGrate Aluminium matting

UltiGrate Aluminium Matting 3 -zones at entrance

Mat Zoning

Ultimats Mat Zoning for entrance aluminium dust buster bespoke mats
  • UltiGrate Zone 1 insert options

    Zone 1 Inserts

  • UltiGrate Zone 2 insert options

    Zone 2 Inserts

  • UltiGrate Zone 3 insert options

    Zone 3 Inserts

mat laying styles

Place in a recessed matwell, lay to surface with ramp frame or loose lay with 2-sided ramping. We offer all 3 options.

Premium Features

Ultigrate aluminium mat Features rollable

UltiGrate Technical Specifications

Mat Insert
Grates (aluminium) XS
Grate Style XS
Grate Height XS
Height with mat infill XS
Base material XS
Pedestrian Annual Traffic XS
Trolley Crossings (600Kgs max) XS
Grates (aluminium) 6063T6 ANODIZED
Grate Height 10.5MM
Height with mat infill 14MM 14MM 14MM 11MM 11MM
Pedestrian Annual Traffic 10 MILLION 10 MILLION 8 MILLION 8 MILLION 8 MILLION
Trolley Crossings (600Kgs max) HEAVY


It can be hard to choose the right aluminium mat for your premises. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you decide which configuration is the right choice for your facility. No matter what your needs may be, Ultimats has the right product for you.

Do I need an aluminium mat product?

Aluminium floormats stand out as being at the top of the pyramid when it comes to floor matting systems. They are highly functional first stage dirt-barriers at high-traffic entrances, are low-maintenance and offer premium aesthetics with the longest durability. So if these advantages are what you are looking for, UltiGrate Aluminium Matting System may just be right for you.

What benefits can I expect from Aluminium Matting?

Top three benefits of installing UltiGrate aluminum entrance matting system:

1. Increases the lifespan of your floor coverings.

2. Our entrance mats, when laid with a walking cross-length between 6 to 15 feet from your doorway, can reduce dirt and moisture throughout your building by over 85%!

‍3.Reduces building cleaning costs by trapping excess dust, dirt, and germs.

4. All mat inserts are fully replaceable. So you invest only once in the aluminium framework, and only pay for subsequent mat replacements!

Do I need to discard the entire aluminium matting once the mat infills wear-out?

No, not when you purchase from Ultimats! Though the mat inserts are of high quality with long usage life, once they eventually wear-out, you simply need to reorder the mat insewrts and since we manufacture all mat components inhouse in India, we will promptly replace them for you in your existing aluminium mat frames at a fractional cost of your original investment. You may even opt for a change in color and type of the new mat infills, for a refreshing new look!

Are there any regulatory guidelines on commercial entrance matting?

The Americans with Disabilities Act sets specific codes regulations for public and commercial buildings so that people with a wide range of disabilities can freely and easily access all areas of these buildings. The ADA even has very specific guidelines on entrance mats. The best mats for wheelchairs are our recessed metal mats and our surface-mount mats. Ensure easy access to all who enter your facility.

The ADA has these set of guidelines:

Carpet must be securely affixed to the ground, have a stiff or no backing at all, and be no more than 12.5mm thick. If the carpet is more than 12.5mm thick, there must be a beveled edge for wheels to effortlessly glide over.

Recessed entrance grates/mats need to have less than 12.5mm between pieces to prevent wheels or any other movement facilitating equipment to get caught.

UltiGrate satisfies all ADA regulatory guidelines.

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