UltiSpike Runners

₹ 2,625.00

Feature-rich coarse polypropylene-fiber entrance runners to aggressively scrape-off large amounts of dirt and debris. Dual-color stiff artificial grass fibers set in a durable vinyl backing, this matting is UV-protected and retains its rich color and texture. Traps and hides dirt and is easy to clean and maintain. 

Material Polypropylene carpet with pvc backing

Care Instructions Dust-off dirt regularly by light tapping. Shampoo with mild detergent and wash-down under running water. Machine-wash once a month at 50C is recommended.

Size 1.22m wide x 2m length | 1.22m wide x 4m length | 1.22m wide x 6m length | 1.22m wide x 12m length

Colors  Grass Green | Green-Black | Red-Black | Brown-Black | Charcoal-Black

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